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On this site, you will find a little bit about me, view my class projects and resume, and read about my current and past work experiences. I also showcased some of my favorite travel experiences, people and passions.

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Leadership + Experience

I believe that education should extend beyond the walls of the classroom. The work experiences I have had are irreplaceable and have ultimately prepared me for my post-grad career.

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The Mint Julep
Clothing Boutique
Inner Spark Creative
Creative Advertising
The Auburn Alumni Association
Office Assistant
Hospitality United
Event Services
Events, Venues, Artists + More
Talladega Superspeedway
Promotions Team
Peachtree Entertainment
Event Services
The Alabama Retail Association
Public Relations Intern

Why Me?

Why hire me, you may ask? Well, here are a few reasons why I might just be the ideal candidate for your company. I started working at the age of 15 at a local restaurant in my hometown. I truly learned the value of a dollar and how to manage my time while juggling high school and sports. I carried over this work ethic to college where I have had the opportunity to partake in several different part-time jobs and internships during my time at Auburn. While a few of these jobs were fiscally driven, a few have shaped and sharpened my skills. By working, I have been able to apply what I have learned in the classroom to practical, hands-on projects.

Aside from my abilities, I have the drive and determination to thoroughly see-through every task assigned to me. One quality in particular that I believe is beneficial in the working world is the ability to manage several projects at once. I am accustomed to maintaining a hectic schedule, and I do not plan on slowing down after graduation.

Resilient Spirit

I chose to find the positive in closed doors and take every failure as an opportunity to grow. Neil Armstrong once said, "There can be no great accomplishment without risk."

Creative Self-Starter

I believe my creative approach to problem solving is my greatest asset. This quality allows me to think outside the box when marketing to a specific audience while incorporating appropriate aesthetics and original style.


Through my education at Auburn University, I have learned and mastered the skills needed for this industry. I believe that by studying several components of public relations and by extending my studies into the business realm, I have well prepared myself for a career in this field.

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Judith's great work ethic is always demonstrated while on the clock. She always puts forth her best effort whenever she is at The Mint. Kalan Rush - The Mint Julep Boutique.